29 de dez de 2011

The Danglers

"They want to leave it up to you to decide what you think they are..."
Live At Circle A - 2010

...And I think that's a good definition for this band. Playing with a mixture of influences that came from the 60's prog / acid rock and includes jazz and heavy metal, they achieved a unique sound.

Heavy Metal is probably what makes the difference and catches our attention to the jazzy melodies. Heavy-Jazz is what I mean to say.

Fade out Fade in - 2008

Some of the songs are even more heavy metal oriented, like the song called Aprhodite's Thighs, and this heavy thing for me is the high point their sound.

Another remarkable thing is their feeling and expression extracted from the instruments played, which sometimes contributes to create an intense sound chaos.

That reminds me a little bit of the Free Form Freak Out, from the psychedelic band Red Krayola, back in the 60's.

The Danglers are a trio from Milwaukee, USA, formed in 1997 and their inspiration are the progressive rock bands like King Crimson, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Soft Machine, etc.

They released 9 records, including 2 EP and 2 singles: The suite (1999) and more recently Ascend (2008), a killer song \m/ very heavy!

Their new album is Live at circle A, which captures their energy alive. Their live performances are also described as remarkable. Hope to see them!

The Danglers - 2000

The Danglers are:
John Sparow - drums
John Loveall - violin, guitars and vocals
David Gelting - bass


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